Conference Venue

The ATEE Winter Conference 2019 will be held at the University of Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Braga.

Braga is the third largest Portuguese city, born from the ancient Roman town of Bracara Augusta. It has one of the youngest populations in Europe, which makes the city dynamic and energetic. In the past 30 years the District of Braga increased in population by 25 per cent. Braga has a lot to offer, both in terms of culture and entertainment: its night life, cinemas, theatre, exhibitions, museums and art galleries are exceptional. It is a city vibrant with culture and tradition, where history and religion go hand in hand with technology, industry and university life.

Braga is about 20km from Guimarães, initially known as Vimaranes. It is a historical city, which played the leading role in the foundation of Portugal and which has now existed for over a millennium. With its historical centre being considered World Cultural Heritage, it is one of the largest tourist centres of the region. Its streets and monuments bring history back to life and enrapture its visitors.