Conference Theme

Nowadays, Science and Mathematics Education is an area of interest to policy-makers worldwide.

It is a relevant area not only for the ongoing scientific and technological development of modern, globalised and digital societies, but also for citizenship education and the sustainability of the Planet. Moreover, it contributes to the full development of the individual learner.

Science and Mathematics teachers, teacher educators and researchers can therefore help to make a difference beyond the classroom.

However, Science and Mathematics Education is under pressure. It has been unable to develop good levels of literacy and numeracy, to lead enough youngsters to engage in science and technology careers, and to overcome many people’s dislike and even fear of the subjects.

Thus, the goal of the Conference is essentially to promote forward-looking approaches that combine engagement and enjoyment with effectiveness in developing knowledge and skills, and hence to foster ways of overcoming the challenges that the area has been facing.

Within this frame, the sub-themes are intended to provide structure and focus to the Conference, but also to allow people to make submissions in their own areas of interest and to encourage multidisciplinary discussions.

The 2019 ATEE Winter Conference focuses on Science and Mathematics Education in the 21st century. It aims at fostering a deep discussion of the following issues related to the conference theme:

  • Innovative approaches to teaching science / mathematics
  • Technologically enhanced science / mathematics education
  • Science / mathematics education and the STEM agenda
  • Science / mathematics education in multicultural and inclusive schools
  • Science / mathematics teacher education in a changing world
  • 21st century assessment in science / mathematics education